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Prospects for the Chinese bicycle industry at the end of the dividend

In the past few years, the Internet economy has matured and matured. "Internet +" has once become the focus of attention of the country and all walks of life. Many traditional industries have achieved new counterattacks through the use of Internet tools, and the bicycle industry is one of them. Online shopping e-commerce has completely changed the drawbacks of China's traditional bicycle physical retailing industry, shortened the industrial chain, and made close contact between bicycle manufacturers and users. Angel Lime, one of the leading balance/push bikes manufacturers making kids bikes in China with best quality and competitive price. Therefore, it can be said that China's bicycle industry has fully seized the opportunities brought by the Internet dividend and achieved breakthrough and rapid development.

At present, as for the traditional bicycle industry, unlike the traditional offline sales situation of many traditional bicycle bicycle brands, in the past two years, online shopping bicycle e-commerce has been booming, and more people are accustomed to buying various kinds from the Internet. Cycling bicycles have enabled more bicycle bicycle brands to enter the major e-commerce platforms. Even some high-end bicycle brands ranked by the world bicycle brands and even top-level bicycle brands are unwilling to continue to develop e-commerce platforms. Among them, the most well-known MARMOT groundhog imported variable speed bicycle brand is one of the world's top bicycle brands.

Up to now, the MARMOT groundhog imported bicycle bicycle brand has reached a cooperative relationship with Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Gome, No. 1 shop, Amazon and other large e-commerce platforms, and its official flagship store of MARMOT has also been officially launched. We have reason to believe that with the arrival of the end of the Internet dividend, Angel Lime Co., LTD there will be more dividends in new technologies and new eras. For traditional bicycle companies, how to seize the business opportunities of the times and open up cutting-edge business models is new. The key to the era's foothold. MARMOT marmot imported bicycle bicycle brand has firmly occupied the top spot of high-end bicycle sales of various e-commerce giant platforms with its huge brand influence and excellent product quality, and led the e-commerce of the whole high-end bicycle market. The pace of progress.

In order to gain a deep understanding of the types and development trends of China's sporting goods industry network sales, Xiao Bian specially contacted industry veterans, the head of the world's top imported bicycle bicycle brand MARMOT Groundhog China, his online transformation of the traditional bicycle retail industry He is quite insightful. He first affirmed that e-commerce is the trend of development, and will maintain a rapid growth momentum in the next three to five years. It also confirms the necessity and urgency of the transformation of the physical bicycle industry. Regarding the development of China's bicycle industry in the Internet era, the head of MARMOT Groundhog China gave unique insights.

The head of the MARMOT Groundhog China, a leading brand of high-end bicycles around the world, believes that the bonus will usually only be given to the “first crab-eater”. Similarly, the Internet dividend brings benefits to the development of the Chinese bicycle industry. Just temporary. At the same time, after several years of development, China's Internet dividend period has entered the final stage, and the Internet dividend is in a phase of gradual decline. Therefore, if China's bicycle industry wants to achieve sustained and long-term development, it should jump out of the Internet to embrace the wider world.

At the same time of the interview, the head of the MARMOT Groundhog brand in China believes that although it has entered the end of the Internet dividend, it does not mean that there is no way out for online shopping bicycle e-commerce. On the contrary, e-commerce still has a strong development space. However, the traditional single online shopping e-commerce model can no longer adapt to the rapid development of the times. If it is not reformed and innovated, it is easy to be eliminated by the era like traditional physical bicycle retail.

Finally, the head of the MARMOT Groundhog brand in China called on online shopping bicycle e-commerce practitioners to actively innovate and actively integrate with new industries, such as continuous integration with VR technology, so that customers can experience bicycles and related online on the Internet. Product performance and features. On the other hand, the head of the MARMOT groundhog brand in China believes that online shopping bicycle e-commerce can not only look forward, but also “look back”, for example, combined with traditional bicycle physical retailing to form a combination of online shopping e-commerce advantages and physical experience advantages from push bikes for kids.


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